Fiberglass Entry Door-Full Length 4 Lite Style-36" x 80" Left Hinge

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IN STOCK NOW-Exterior fiberglass walkout door
Specifications and Features:

  • Door is nominal 36" width and 80" height. Hinged Left
    Finish frame size is 37 1/2" wide x 82" tall
  • Door slab is made of durable smooth-skin fiberglass and bored for handle and deadbolt. Ready to prime and paint.
  • Glass size 22" x 64", clear low-e with 1 x 4 grill pattern.
  • Grill is a wide 1" profile, pewter finished exterior and white interior
  • 6 5/8" deep Frame is high density and secure composite material, with maintenance-free surface
  • Heavy duty insulated aluminum sill designed for high traffic.


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