Order Pickup Location (By Appointment):
401 Magnetic Drive, Unit 10, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Near Dufferin and Steeles, North York)

Further Information on our upcoming 3 day Super-Sale:
• Sale will be held ONLY on December 2, through December 4.  Available online 24 hours.
• The 50% reduction in price will only be applied to purchases made during these sale days (not before, and not after)
• Any purchases made before the sale at the prices shown, will not be price adjusted on the sale days.
• Any returns, or order cancellations before pickup of merchandise, if accepted, will be subject to our standard 20% re-stocking fee.
• 50% reduction applies only to any items currently “in stock and on sale” as shown on our online store.
• Many items present in our facility are not immediately accessible. Therefore purchases made online during the sale, or in person on Dec. 3 may have to be picked up at a later date.